Safety First

At Springs Fabrication our employees are our most valuable assets. Our commitment to the safety and health of our employees, our community and the environment are evident in our extensive environmental, health, and safety program. We believe that it is a shared responsibility between all levels of management and employees to maintain a safe work environment. Safety First is not easily achieved. Through innovation and dedication, we strive to maintain an environment where workers can feel safe and confident in their work environment.

To implement a culture of Safety First, a team of dedicated safety professionals and management maintain a world class environmental, health, and safety program. The comprehensive program drives OSHA requirements and best practices into workable controls and processes that are implementable and sustainable in an ever-changing workplace.

For our employees, safety begins on day one. Through safety orientation, safety tours and demonstrations, provision of safety PPE, and additional assigned training based on work scope, our employees have the training and resources necessary to ensure their success and the success of the growing company. Springs Fabrication utilizes a world-class Learning Management System which assigns additional annual safety training based on job scope and risk. Each year, our employees maintain updated training to changing company and OSHA requirements and standards.

Additional training and certification for our employees includes (but not limited to):

  • Crane Operation and Rigging
  • Confined Space Operation and Rescue
  • Scaffolding and Confined Space
  • Emergency Action Planning
  • Forklift and Industrial Vehicles

As part of our commitment to the safety of our employees, Springs Fabrication participates in the Voluntary Compliance Program with OSHA to fulfill our goal to become part of OSHA`S Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program (SHARP). To remain in compliance, we conduct regular safety audits which are also part of our 5S for Safety Lean Manufacturing program. In addition, the Springs Fabrication Safety Committee convenes on a weekly basis to provide continuing leadership and support of the company environmental, health, and safety program.

As part of our commitment to our community and the environment, Springs Fabrication implements environmental best practices and maintains air and storm water permits. As a Silver member of the Environmental Leadership Program, we are in good standings with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.