Biohazard & Chemical Containment

We design and fabricate custom containment systems for biohazard and chemical applications, where a toxic or sensitive process must be safely isolated. Springs Fab - ATG has the expertise and experience to tackle multiple disciplines – leak tight, ultra clean (Class 1), sterile, atmospheric controls (filtered HVAC, inert gas, pressure), environmental controls (hot/cold temperature, humidity), and ergonomic design, while always delivering a high standard of quality and workmanship. This experience includes successful projects in weapons demilitarization (mustard gas and napalm disposal), custom environmental chambers & biological safety cabinets, hot water dip tanks, and pass-throughs. Most projects have incorporated remote handling equipment inside the containment boundary.

Our 31,000 sq-ft of fabrication space offers a complete capability for design, manufacturing & assembly, and a range of testing equipment with ASNT certified testing personnel, so that your custom containment system will be delivered with an assured level of performance. From engineering to validation, ATG offers complete solutions to your most demanding biohazard or chemical containment needs..