Springs Fab – ATG has provided equipment for the safe handling of radioactive isotopes to Tc 99 generator suppliers, and medical isotope manufacturers. We have designed complex hot cell systems to process large quantities of radio-isotopes as well as simple shielded isolators for sampling and testing. We have specialized experience in shielding, containment, viewing windows, manipulators, environmental controls, and the handling of radio-pharmaceutical materials. We understand the needs to be able to provide both aseptic as well as terminal sterilization in a low radiation environment. We appreciate the complexities of getting radiopharmaceuticals into and out of containment and the need to transport radiopharmaceuticals safely from process to patient. We are also knowledgeable about the design requirements and fabrication standards needed in this demanding industry. As a result, Springs-Fab ATG is able to offer superior solutions from concept design to a completely fabricated shielded isolator or hot cell as well as complete process equipment integration.