Government / DOE / DOD

Springs Fab – ATG has a long history of working in the government sector, successfully completing projects for DOE contractors, the US Army, US Air Force, universities, and national laboratories such as LANL, INL, LLNL, ORNL and Y-12. Our capabilities include certified welders & test technicians, and qualified inspectors. We have extensive experience fabricating and assembling complex custom systems and have experience working as the design engineer and fabricator as well as working closely with our government customers’ engineers or contract engineers to fabricate their custom solution.

Corporate experience has been gained in executing hundreds of contracts - administered by the nuclear weapons program; in waste disposal and demilitarization projects; and in producing chemical agent simulation & calibration systems. ATG’s organizational structure has developed in response to demanding contract requirements as well as demanding security control requirements including UCNI, UCI and OUO. Our staff is familiar with those requirements, has qualified an approved supplier base, and operates under a mature NQA-1 Quality Assurance program.