Colorado Springs

The Colorado Springs facility is a custom-designed 105,000 square foot manufacturing facility sitting on 11 acres and features the following:

  • Several inlaid floor rails for mobility of heavy and/or large projects and materials
  • High-bay overhead doors for easy access and flow-through processing
  • Precision floor imbeds to allow for accurate alignment of large fabrications
  • 100-ft. x 450-ft. large fabrication bay serviced by full span 40-ton bridge crane with 32-ft. hook height
  • 50-ft. x 100-ft. assembly bay including two 15-ton cranes with 55-ft. hook height
  • Small fabrication bay featuring eight work cells with the ability to reconfigure according to project scope
  • Well-equipped, heated 16-ft. x 18-ft. x 75-ft. paint booth with inlaid track for handling large and heavy parts
  • A complete range of surface preparation services, including an indoor 20-ft. x 24-ft. x 60-ft. blast facility with recovery floor
  • Several areas available throughout facility for the assembly of complex turnkey systems
  • Over 40 cranes ranging from one-ton jibs to 40-ton double trolley bridges and 15 cranes with capacity to handle 5 or more tons
  • Capacity for 24 x 7 production shifts (as needed)
  • Fenced and paved outside storage
  • Forklifts up to 32,000 lb capacity